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NameContact Info
TBD, Executive Director for External Affairs
Dr. William Latham, Chief Student Development & Success
Mrs. MaryAnn Miller, Community
Ms. Shirley Adelstein, ANC 3F02, Van Ness, North, East and South
Van Ness Street Residents Association – member TBD
David Dickinson, ANC3F, ANC 3F |
Jane Solomon, Forest Hills
Theresa Cameron – Executive Director – Van Ness Main Street

一道本不卡免费高清October 19, 2016 – July 12, 2016 –

Next Meeting

The University of the District of Columbia Community-Campus Task Force will meet on Thursday,  June 28th, 2018 at 6:30pm,  in Bldg. 44, Room A-03.

Preliminary Agenda Items include:

  • Parking at Veazy entrance to the Van Ness campus
  • Further questions/issues related to the Child Development Center
  • Plans for Murch transition
  • Improvised walkway at corner of Connecticut and Van Ness
  • Updating the website and community meeting
  • Washingtonia Collection

All are encouraged to attend for the latest authoritative information on university activities. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Thomas E. Redmond, Director, State and Local Affairs at 202.274.5622 or

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